Best Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates

The first impression of the Visitor is the last impression, you must also believe.

So, if the design of your blog is not good and the webpage is taking too much time to load, then it does not take long for the visitor to think that read your written post or open another link by pressing the back button, Yes, it is a matter of thinking, unless the template/theme of your blog will not be good, no matter what good article you have written, no one will read it.

And in this case, if new bloggers do not pay the most attention, then it may take many months or even years, you will get success, in the end, you will come to the same idea, or traffic is not increasing, success will not be found in my blogging career, and finally what? Blog closed.

Let you have seen many dreams, I will take my blog to that height, etc. Good thing I see myself every day, but the problem is that if you have come new to the world of blogging, then a wrong template choice will change your blogging career before it starts.

Is it good to use a free template for my blog?

No, it is not right to use free themes for blogs. Because many times people give virus and null template and say that free template. Using it on blogs for a long time is a threat to AdSense.

If you have low budget then use a free theme for your blog, but keep in mind these things 

  • Download it from a famous site
  • Check your theme virus-free or not
  • Check theme provider 

Don't worry, I have listed some premium SEO and Device friendly blogger templates.

Best Premium Looking SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates

SEO optimized blogger template download


Lyrical Blogger Template is a uniquely designed professional looking Blogspot theme with music and lyrics niche blogs. It is a fully responsive theme with grid style posts, which can adjust its width according to the user's screen size or device and will look beautiful on every aspect ratio. This theme has some cool features like click to copy lyrics which allows you to publish lyrics in the easiest way. This theme is designed for music and song blogs, but can also be used to create other niche and micro-niche blogs, such as travel, personal blogs, food, recipe, makeup, reviews, techniques, news, etc. One of the most optimized topics that score excellently in SEO. This is one of the fastest loading themes available on our site. It has a professional color combination of black, white and red as action-colors.
  • Ads are ready,
  • SEO ready,
  • Magazine,
  • Free premium,
  • Responsive,
  • Social bookmark is ready,
  • WhatsApp sharing,
  • Lyrics,
  • Lyricist,
  • Music.


Allure SEO Ready Blogger Template, a simple, clean, elegant, minimalist theme designed specifically for the fashion lifestyle blog theme. Allure caters to the needs of everyone whether you are a fashion stylist blogger, lifestyle expert, photographer or daytime outfit blogger, media agency, tech blogger and many more. This template is perfect for you. Buy this theme and give your blog a new and exciting look.
  • Blogger
  • SEO ready
  • Video, Movies, Music
  • Magazine
  • Photography
  • Responsive


Alpha Blogger Template Features:
The Alpha Blogger template is designed specifically for news and tech magazine blogs. There are some characteristics.
  • News, Technology, Advertisement Ready
  • Email subscription widget ready
  • Seo ready
  • Magazine
  • Free premium
  • Responsive
  • Social bookmark ready


The BlogStar Blogger template has mega menu features so that it helps attract your audience with thumbnails. The mouse hover design is also attractive.

Blogstar Blogger Template Features:

  • Seo ready
  • Photography
  • Gallery
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Free premium
  • Responsive



WILDERNESS BLOGGER TEMPLATE  is a very good magazine blogger theme with great features like wood design with combination gray color for main background, this theme, ad space widget with search feature on top right sidebar, simple style theme and 2 columns Layout, drop-down menu for main navigation, 1 right sidebar, auto thumbnail post on homepage, 4 column widget on footer, ad on browser Knowledge ready, Fast theme and you can try this theme for personal sites.



The ChromeGT Red Blogger Template is a nice and professional premium car category blogger template for the automotive blog and features something like an elegant design with a combination of black and blue for the main background. ChromeGT has 2 column layouts, 1 right sidebar, 4 column widgets on the footer, auto summary posts with more reading, slider for featured posts and its look is perfect for professional automotive sites.



The ChromeGT Blogger Template is a good and professional premium car category blogger template for automotive blogs and features something like an elegant design with a combination of black and blue for the main background. ChromeGT has 2 column layouts, 1 right sidebar, 4 column widgets on the footer, auto summary posts with more reading, slider for featured posts and its look is perfect for professional automotive sites.




Addiction Responsive Blogger Template is a great, responsive theme designed to make your blogging experience as simple and intuitive as possible. With great visual design and great support for mobile and tablet devices, you can easily reach all your readers wherever they are!
  1. SEO ready,
  2. easy,
  3. Responsive,
  4. Ads are ready,
  5. magazine,
  6. modern,


Altis responsive blogger template, which is highly responsive and magazine based websites and very user-friendly. Altis is a free blogger template that primarily focuses on SEO. The Altis responsive blogger template has a sliding grid at the top of the post section as well as a horizontal and sidebar advertisement widget from where users can place their ads from the blogger layout section.
  1. Seo ready
  2. Page navigation menu
  3. news
  4. magazine
  5. Social bookmark ready
  6. Free premium
  7. Advertisement Ready
  8. Responsive


Blogus Responsive Blogger Template is a clean and professional blogger blogging theme. This is a light and bright blog theme, to showcase your content effortlessly in a timeless style. This template is very flexible, easy to customize and well documented, personal blogs and approaches for business use. We guarantee that it is the best SEO optimized blogger template in the market with multi-author supported. It has a responsive design which means that your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices. If you are looking for a minimalist blogger template then this is the best option for you.

Blogs Responsive Template Features:
  1. Fully Responsive Design - Check
  2. Fully SEO Optimized - Check
  3. Google Testing Device Verifier - Check
  4. Mobile-Friendly Design - Check
  5. Auto resize thumbnail image



Cyber ​​Blogger Template is a news blogger theme. With responsive design and highly optimized SEO, it is the best option for creating a news website or any other blog such as a technical blog, review blog, cassette, magazine, newsletter and multi-purpose blog website. Built with Blogger's latest codes, it is fast loading and easy to customize themes with an elegant yet highly functional layout. This theme comes with a semi-magazine layout with two featured posts that work with labels, recent posts, or random posts. In addition, it is a social media-ready template that includes various social media sharing buttons, including WhatsApp. It is the latest generation theme and fully supported advertising widgets for responsive AdSense code. By default, it comes in yellow, black and white backgrounds, but also includes unlimited color options with a backend color picker for any kind of gorgeous 
  1. Seo ready
  2. Browser compatibility
  3. Responsive
  4. Adapted from WordPress



Featured Blogger Template is a simple and elegant template. This template has a single column and has a widget toggle on the top right corner.
Some features are:
  1. Seo ready
  2. magazine
  3. Free premium
  4. Post thumbnail
  5. Responsive
  6. Social bookmark ready


FEMINIST BLOGGER TEMPLATE is an awesome responsive blogger template that brings simple and clean design. It focuses on simplicity, usability and user experience. Perfect choice for your personal blog, niche blog, fashion blog, OTD blog, authority blog or any type of creative blog or simple magazine. It has a responsive design which means that your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices. If you are looking for a professional blogger template then this is the best option for you.
  1. Email subscription widget ready
  2. Advertisement Ready
  3. Seo ready
  4. magazine
  5. Photography
  6. Free premium


Fenix Creative Blogger Template is a premium looking portfolio Blogspot theme that enables you to create a professional portfolio website and manage your blog. This is a personal portfolio template designed for:

Template Features:
  1. Freelancer
  2. creative designer
  3. A photographer who wants to showcase his portfolio online. A wide variety of such portfolio layouts
  4. Architect
  5. Advertisement Ready
  6. Seo ready
  7. magazine
  8. Free premium
  9. Responsive


 Fenomen Blogger Template is a clean magazine-style blogger theme. It is a fully responsive theme that easily fits any screen size or device. With endless user experience, this theme gives your blog a professional and elegant touch. It comes with amazing features that suit any topic or niche but this topic is most suitable for creating a magazine blog.
Template Features:
  1. news
  2. Technique
  3. Review blog
  4. Fashion
  5. Photography
  6. Advertisement Ready
  7. Seo ready
  8. Free premium
  9. Responsive
  10. Fast loading

SEO Friendly Fast Loading Responsive Blogger Template Free

I will tell you about SEO Friendly Fast loading blogger templates whose speed is 95+.

And if you use these templates in your blog, then you will get very good ranking because Google always shows such blogs at the top which blogs have good speed.

So let's start this list of Fast Loading and Simple Blogger Template.

Faster Fast Loading Responsive Blogger Template

The name of Faster Fast Loading Template tops the list of one of the Best SEO Friendly Templates.

You can use this Responsive Blogger Template for your Tech, Health, and Fashion Etc. Blog.

Fastest Fast Loading Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

Fastest Fast Loading Blogger Template is a very famous template due to its simple design and fast loading speed.

Therefore, we can call this Template Super Fast Blogger Template.
And from the SEO perspective, this is also the best SEO friendly blogger template

Sora Fast Loading Responsive Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

If you are blogging on Blogger, then you must have heard the name of a famous company like Sora. Sora Templates has a famous and fast loading Blogger Template named Sora Fast Blogger Template.

You can take this template in any use, Technology, Blogging, Health, Beauty, Multiple Niche, this template will be best for any type of blog.

To download this template or to see its Mobile View, click on the Download Button below.

Vikka Theme Fast Loading Blogger Template

This is not a Famous Blogger Template, but due to its Speed and Simple Design, I have added this Template to this List.

This template does not have Whatsaap Share Button. But you can also apply it manually. By clicking on the link below, you can apply Whatsapp share Button in your blog.

Fast Blog Responsive Blogger Template

Fast Blog is also a Responsive Blogger Template and Fast Loading Template. In this template, you will find a Post Slider in the head which makes the design of the blog attractive.

In Footer, you can write about your blog with an image.

You can download it and use it on your blog.

More download Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates - click here

I tell you what should be the specialty of a blogger blog template.


How to use Blogger Template on your website, which the new blogger user knows less about. Keep searching on Google. How to upload a template/theme to blogger blog and attach a template to any blog.

Almost I have done many website reviews in which Blogger theme problem would be there and due to which Google AdSense Account Approval is not available. It is necessary to have Responsive SEO Optimized & Mobile Friendly Templates.

How to install a blogger template?

To create your website on the Internet, you can use Blogger or WordPress, so that you can easily create your own blog/website and earn your online earnings from it. In such a situation, many people use Blogger and run their blog, but most people use only the basic template of Blogger, due to which the look of their blog is not very good nor is it responsive. Because of this, most people do not like to visit again after visiting their blog.

In such a situation, they are not able to earn better than their blogs. Therefore, you should install an Attractive and Responsive Template on your Blogger Blog which is well open on Mobile/Desktop and also make it easier for people to read your articles.

How to install a free blogger the right way.

To install Blogger Template to blog, you should have a Responsive Template. If you search on the Internet or choose any one template according to your niche, you can find many Responsive Templates for Blogger which can be taken in Free and Paid Version.

Now if you are a beginner then you can start by taking Free Template and later when you start earning from your blog, then you can purchase a Template for $ 40 - $ 80 so that you can work well on that Template.

Step 1- Login into your Blogger Dashboard

First of all, you have to log in to the Dashboard of your blog, for which you first visit the official website of Blogger at and enter your login id and open your dashboard.

Step 02- Go to Themes Section

Let us tell you first that whenever you have to make a change in the design of your website, then you have to go to Themes Options and when you have to add a facility (Widget) to your website, then on the section of Layout Have to go.
Login into your Blogger Dashboard

Now because we have to change the theme, we will visit the option of Themes. This option is available on the left sidebar on your Dashboard as you can see in the image above.

Step 03- Backup / Restore

After going to the Themes Section, there is Preview Show of the Previous Template uploaded on your blog in front of you, in which you have Preview Show of Desktop/Mobile and you can understand how your website is shown on two platforms.
Login into your Blogger Dashboard

Now because we have to install a new theme, you will go to the option of Backup/Restore and click above.

After clicking, a popup box resembling the image given above will open on your screen and in this box, you get some options.

Now let's talk about installing the new theme, on this popup box you get an option of Choose File on which you can install the Save Theme on your computer by clicking.

After clicking on Choose File, you will find many files in which you have to select the XML file and click on the Button of Open so that the Theme is selected on your Blogger Blog and you upload just below Click on the Button so that the Theme is uploaded to your Blogger Blog.

Note: When you purchase/download a Theme from the Internet, it is in a Zip File, then first you extract that Zip File.

Theme Will Be Uploaded

Now a new theme has been uploaded to your Blogger Blog and you can see the preview of that theme, as well as if you open your blog in the New Tab, then you will see that the look of your blog has changed completely.

How to make the template mobile friendly on the blogger blog

When you add Responsive Template to your Blogger Blog, then you have to make some changes on the Mobile Section of that Template so that you’re Theme/Blog also shows better on Mobile Phones. To make the theme mobile-friendly, you have to follow the steps given below-

Step 01- Go to Preview Section

You get the Preview Section on the option of Themes and you see Preview like the image given above in which you get two Boxes First- (Live on Blog) which shows Desktop/Laptop Preview Version and Second- (Mobile) which Key Mobile Preview Show

Step 02- Click on Settings

Now because you have to set your Theme for Mobile, you have to click on the Icon of the settings given below Mobile Preview. With which a new popup window opens on your screen and only with this popup window you can make your theme mobile-friendly.

Step 03- Select No Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Option

On this Popup Box, you get two options-

Login into your Blogger Dashboard
New version  blogger mobile theme setting

  • Yes Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Option
  • No Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Option [old version]

You have to click on the option of No Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Option so that your theme is designed according to the design on mobile as you would have seen before downloading the theme.

Note: When you install a Theme then on Mobile it also shows the same as Desktop Theme, so you have to manually set it to No Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Option and your Theme becomes Mobile Friendly.
In this way, you can install any Blogger Theme on your blog and give your blog a look like a website so that your viewers will be able to easily navigate your blog and at the same time your blog will look like Impress. And will always visit your blog.

We hope that according to the information given above, you will be able to easily install your Blogger Blog Template/Theme and give a better look at your blog.

Now if you have any questions related to this topic, then you can ask us in the Comment box, thank you.


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