It is amazing to note that the very first online gambling casino went live in 1996. It seems like just yesterday that we got the internet and the perks that come with it, but that opening fact shows that this is not the case.

Many years down the line, a lot of players have now subscribed to the online gambling model. Even though we still have the offline casinos around, the online ones are fast stepping up to take their place with every passing year.

However, not all online gamblers are getting the best out of their hobby. This could be you, too, and this piece has been created to address that issue.
Online Gambling
Online Gambling 101: Betting with a VPN

    Why Gamble Online?

    Before we get into the meat of the post, we might need to clear the air on this matter.

    Many gamblers prefer to go to their physical casinos to play the games that they want. While that is great, most of them also tend to believe that this is the best way to gamble. We beg to differ on that front.

    Fortunately, we are not just speaking from a place of sentiments but with the hard facts at hand. In short, some of the reasons why you are better off gambling online are:

    1. Cost

    If you had to travel out to Las Vegas, or any other physical gambling location at all, you would incur certain costs along the road.

    There is the transport cost which could range from low to very high, depending on where you are coming from. If you have to rent a place to stay, a car to move around, and such, you are already burning more money which could have been used to place profitable bets for higher returns instead.

    On top of that, there is the feeding and costs for other logistics, among other things.

    From the comfort of your home, though, all you have to do is fire up your mobile device, pay for the internet and you are good to go.

    This leads us to the second point….

    2. Convenience

    Need we say more?

    You don’t have to dress up all fancy just because you want to get into the casino if you were gambling online. You can be curled up on your couch, wearing only your pajamas and battle against some of the best poker players from all around the world.

    That does sound fun and easier than what you get in an offline casino.

    3. Variety

    Every casino has just about how much space it can use to set up betting areas. They also have limited staff that they can spare at any one time. What that means is that there is a ceiling on how many games they can offer to the players at any one time.

    If you were at an offline casino area, this might mean having to go to multiple casinos to place bets on different games you are interested in. That would never be an issue with online gambling.

    Since everything is being maintained on an online platform, you get access to any games which you have in mind. From the classics to the new ones, all you have to do is pick what you want to play.

    So, why a VPN for gambling?

    Now that we have cleared the air about how amazing gambling online can be, it remains the question of why we would recommend a VPN for gambling for you.

    If you have not already started using one of these, you have been doing it wrongly. Again, we won’t let our sentiments lead the way here.

    1. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

    Online gambling has been allowed in many countries of the world, but we have a select few that do not want anything to do with it at all. 

    At the same time, even some of the counties that have supported online gambling still have certain states and regions where they are not backed by law.

    What online gambling providers do, in such cases, is implement a geo-blocking technique that locks out those staying in those regions where the government doesn't support their activities. 

    So, while these gambling services are available online, they won’t be accessible to those in the banned IP addresses.

    Fortunately, a VPN is equipped with multiple servers that allow you to bypass such location restrictions.

    Should you find yourself in such an unsupported region, all you have to do is connect to a server located in a supported area. 

    That reroutes all your internet data through the server in the supported location, fooling the online gambling servers into thinking you are from an authorized region too. Thus, you get to play all the games you want with ease.

    2. Protecting your Account

    When traveling abroad, you might fall into the above geo-restriction trap if you happen to land in a country/ region where online gambling is not supported. That is not the only thing that you are to worry about, though.

    To keep your account safe and secure, some online gambling services will block access to your account once they observe that you have logged in from a new location. To restore account access, you would have to provide some form of identification and verify your account.

    You don’t have to risk this if you have a VPN at hand. Instead of logging indirectly from the new IP address, connect to a server from your usual location and the online gambling service won't sense anything to be amiss.

    3. Stay Anonymous

    There are a variety of reasons why you will want to stay anonymous when gambling online.

    For some, they gamble as a pastime, and it is not something that they would want the world to know about. For others, it is that they do not want to be tracked and targeted on account of their winnings. 

    After all, hackers will do anything to lay hands on your money too.
    Unfortunately, using a pseudonym online is not enough to protect you from spilling your identity.

    If you didn’t know, your internet service provider, among others, can see all the data that you are transmitting online and track that back to your computer. Thus, they can make a positive ID on you and tie it back to your internet activity.

    That would be impossible when you now use a VPN.

    For one, your IP address changes – which means your identity tag is not linked to you anymore. After all, how will your ISP explain your computer being somewhere else while you are in another place? At the same time, hackers will find it hard to pinpoint your location or even follow your internet trail since it has been tunneled through a variety of secure servers now.

    Choosing the Right VPN

    Playing with a VPN is interesting, but you have to choose the right VPN too. Otherwise, you will just be shooting yourself in the foot – and we don’t want to do that. 

    In fact, it is better to not play with a VPN at all than to find yourself picking the wrong one.

    Before you put your trust into any VPN at all, here are the things to lookout for:

    1. Cost

    It is often said in the service industry that if you do not see what you are paying for, there is a high chance that you are the product itself.
    So that you do not become the product, we recommend going for a paid VPN instead.

    A free VPN offer will have limited capabilities, which is almost as good as not having one to use anyways. Likewise, you might fall into the hands of companies that will log your data (more on this later) instead of as a reason for not charging you. On top of that, they will still bombard you with ads that ruin the experience.

    The good news is that the best VPN providers don’t cost an arm and a leg. They are very fairly priced and will bring value to the table for you. It is just better to pay for them outright and not deal with the hassles that come with freebies.

    2. Bandwidth

    It is very important to buy a VPN offering unlimited bandwidth.

    Bandwidth refers to the volume of data being transferred on the servers at any one time. When you have limited bandwidth, you start seeing that your internet connection is going slow with time as the bandwidth gets used up.

    This could happen when you are just about to start a new game or in the middle of one. No matter when it happens, that doesn’t make it any better.

    That is why we will always advocate for a VPN provider that offers you unlimited bandwidth to play with.

    3. Servers

    From all that we have been saying so far, you will observe that the servers on a VPN are very important to how you can enjoy it.

    If you go get a VPN with limited server locations, you might not get access to all the supported regions that you want. Check to see that the VPN provider does not only have their servers in different countries but that they support multiple regions and locations within each country too.

    A reason for the latter is because when a server gets crowded, you might start experiencing lags and a higher latency rate, leading to a slower connection. Thus, you want to be able to switch to yet another server in that preferred location or around it.

    Fortunately, VPN providers will allow you to check what locations they have servers in before you pay at all.

    4. Security Protocol

    How can a VPN protect you if they do not have the right security clearances and protocols too, right?

    This is the case here.

    A reliable security protocol to look out for is the 256-bit encryption. This is commonly referred to as the FBI-grade encryption, so you know that it is at the top level of its game.

    Speaking of security, you should also check to ensure that the VPN service supports a strict, no-data logging policy. That way, you can be sure your internet data cannot leak in a breach, or that the VPN provider cannot be forced by the authorities to release such data. 

    After all, they can’t give what they do not have if they were not logging your data in the first place.

    Other Benefits of Having A VPN

    We have more good news for you. When you have a VPN, you get to use it for more than just gambling. You don’t need to buy special services and packages for the VPN service to adapt it for other uses either.
    The most common use case for a VPN, as stated above, is for bypassing regional restrictions. This will come in handy when you want to stream sports content online, avoid game blackouts, get better content from service providers like Netflix, and more.

    Likewise, a VPN is designed to encrypt your internet connection.

    This will make it impossible for hackers to snoop around your data, hijack your conversations or steal sensitive data that you are sending over the internet.

    It is especially recommended that you use a VPN when browsing over unsecured internet networks like public Wi-Fi services.

    Finally, you can use your VPN to beat price discrimination and dynamic pricing when shopping online. In other words, you are now guaranteed to always get the best deals on all of your online purchases from now on.

    We don’t know about you, but these benefits alone are enough to make you racing to add a VPN to your arsenal of internet tools.

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