Website appearance or design is one of the most important elements for a website besides website speed (accessibility), content, SEO, and performance.

The design depicts the brand's character and gives the visitor an impression of a brand. In this article, we will discover here the 10 website design trends that will be viral in 2020. 
10 Website Design Trends That Will Be Viral In 2020
10 Website Design Trends That Will Be Viral In 2020.

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Not only can that, but the design of a website also affects the convenience of your customer's shopping experience if your website is an e-commerce website. Attractive design and easy to understand can make visitors feel at home on your website. 

Pampering the eyes of visitors with a nice and unique design will also make visitors continue to explore your website. The design must be attractive, at least according to the tastes of the public at the time.

That is important for website designers to follow the trend that is booming every time. 

Here will be finished, website design trends in 2020.

Don't go anywhere!

Animation, GIF, and Illustration 

A website that displays good and unique animation elements is one of the interesting factors for visitors to see.

When the animation is used well, the animation will give a lively impression. However, animation often fails on a website because of its large size making the website often become slow.

But, over time technology has also innovated much better. Animations, integrated GIFs, and dynamic illustrations will be the trends for 2020. 

There are 3 ways to overcome animated bugs on a website:

  • Mouseover effects
  • Making mobile animation
  • The transition between website pages and parallax scrolling. 
Website Design Trends
Website Design Trends.

This mobile website design will help your brand to build a public perspective on your brand.

What do you want to plant in the public mind about your brand? With animations, GIFs, and illustrations you can create a story in it, the story you want to convey to your website visitors through moving images.

Indeed, these moving image graphics will take a little more time to load than good quality videos. 

But calm, with advances in technology, Artificial Intelligence, large-capacity data, and animation will move smoothly and beautiful visualizations. But don't forget, you also need to be careful with website visitors via mobile.

You have to make these animations, GIFs, and illustrations mobile-friendly on all devices.

Decisive and simple colors

Color selection in design, it needs to be considered. Designs that consist of simple, dim colors will not attract visitors who see your website.

The use of bright colors in a design will attract people's attention and look eye-catching, this is widely used by online businesses.

Strong colors also describe your brand that is bold and trendy.

Then the simple essence that is displayed makes the design not look full and the visitors who see the image on your website know the purpose of the image display. 


A few years back this online business brand created a website design that was only mobile friendly or desktop friendly, not both.

Website designers need to find ways to make their web design mobile and desktop friendly. Smart CSS Grids are the solution. Smart CSS Grids is a tool to have a flexible and responsive design for mobile and desktop. 

Smart CSS grid offers options by making it easier for a website to lighten one website into several versions and sizes that are adjusted to the website visitor's screen. So far, this CSS Grid helps websites to make the website design more responsive on all devices. This CSS box helps website visitors to get high-quality web design regardless of the size and type of device used by visitors.

 Asymmetrical Layout

Symmetrical web design is widely used and has become commonplace. How about asymmetric? Asymmetrical structures do not have components that are neatly arranged and balanced. Its informal and dynamic nature certainly has more value because of its attractive design. 

Not fixated with certain lines or centers so that it seems random or messy. This is where the unique, pleasant design elements are present. However, caution is needed also in making this design. I also need to think about whether the design is interesting and suitable for your website or not. 

Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphic or commonly called SVG is a vector format image using XML (eXtensible Markup Language) as the basis for forming 2-dimensional vector images. This makes the website mobile friendly for website visitors. 

With an SVG design that is responsive to mobile, there is no need to sacrifice the visual of the image. Images will be adjusted to scale the size of the mobile screen while maintaining the quality of the original graphics.

Hand drawing 

The potential of a hand drawing on a website will add unique characteristics to your website pages. A hand drawing shows a charming, natural, and human image. This trend of hand drawings is developing in web design. 

Attractive hand drawings are the advantages of your website as a differentiator from among billions of other websites. It can't be denied either, this hand drawing design requires long processing time and a relatively expensive price. Because indeed drawing by hand is not easy. 


Typography is considered to be an important part. Typography includes the layout of letters, text, and paragraphs that are displayed in such a way so that the impression is determined to the website visitors. Displaying large and thick fonts is more meaningful than hundreds of words written. 

There are already many applications available to websites that offer attractive fonts, with 2020 becoming the year of this typographic writing trend. 

Voice Interfaces

The current technological era is very sophisticated, even some virtual assistants use voice features like Siri and Google Assistant to make people switch. Its simplicity is a favorite of many people because it is enough to talk directly to your smartphone, then the virtual assistant will look for answers to the information you need. That way, many people will be more inclined to use this voice feature than text. 

This is a visual part of a website, application, or device that allows a user to interact face to face through the application or website. It aims to make user interaction simple and efficient. How users will interact directly with the computer using the interface that is on the computer screen. 

Brutal Design

Relax guys, brutal here is not meant violence. The purpose of brutalism in web design is a design that is defined as a style that is free, rough but has meaning. The images displayed are not normal as usual, as are the asymmetrical fonts, colors, and layout. 

This is one way to stand out and be unique rather than just a clean and neat web design. This trend has begun to be known to the public, in 2020 is also expected to become the latest web design trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in technology has become an extraordinary innovation. Artificial intelligence has been applied in robots, social media chatbots, to the website design. Of this artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence, you can find out what is the purpose of the visitors visiting your website. 

Artificial intelligence is not a newcomer to web design development. The automated system will immediately detect the personalized visitor experience based on the visitor's preferences and also the behavior of the website visitor. 

More and more website designers who continue to work provide unique and creative works that continue to dominate web design trends every year. Hopefully, this reference can be useful for all of you guys.

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