Are you looking for the best ways to make money online, the fun world crypto probably doesn't even hit your mind. But, it should.

The World of cryptocurrency has attracted the interest of many investors. And a large number sought to obtain it. In response to a question: How to make money from cryptocurrency in India 2021? In this archive, we present you with 11 ways to earn cryptocurrencies safely.

make money from cryptocurrency

How to make money from cryptocurrency in 2021.

Contents That We Cover: Ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

  • Buy cryptocurrency.
  • Mining crypto
  • Annual interest
  • Financing Defi
  • Join Airdrops
  • Microtasks
  • _Join an ad network.
  • Self-employment
  • Payments in digital currency

So are you ready to jump into the cryptocurrency market?

In fact, everyone wants to earn some cryptocurrency. We don't want to miss another cryptocurrency price hike. We want to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.

But the crypto market is uncertain, and most of us would not want to risk losing our hard-earned money.

So in this archive, we present you the best ways to get a number of cryptocurrencies with the least amount of risk (and sometimes effort).

How do I earn with digital currencies?

1- Buy a cryptocurrency.

Buying digital currencies is now easier than ever. As the industry has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and with the increase in demand. Many companies have started to provide services that allow anyone to enter the market easily and safely.

But how do I buy digital currencies?

Buying Bitcoin, for example, is a simple process. Just go to an ATM and get the currency in cash or credit. Although, In India, digital cryptocurrencies are not accessible this way, so you can only buy them through cryptocurrency platforms. But there is one thing you need to think about: transaction fees.

On most online crypto trading platforms, transaction fees are updated in real-time, based on market fluctuations. But the fees themselves are very low.

It is generally advisable to buy bitcoins (or another cryptocurrency) through cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, or Wazirx. Most of the time, the exchange process is straightforward.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and verify it. Some platforms may require verification from your bank and this process can take several weeks.

2- Start mining cryptocurrency. 

Mining is a great way to get some cryptocurrency. But this method does not work for all currencies.

Most people think that mining is about getting as much digital currency as possible for yourself. But the whole process is more complicated than that.

Through the mining process, a person uses their computer to solve complex mathematical equations that validate blocks of transactions. All cryptocurrencies are already created within a protocol. They only need to be validated so that it is available in the market.

As a reward, the first person to validate it receives a part of the default code that they validate.

But what do you need to start mining?

First, it depends on what you want. While Bitcoin mining requires advanced equipment like ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), there are other digital currencies that you just need to use a normal computer to mine.

If you want to try your hand at bitcoin mining, you don't have to invest thousands of dollars to get started. There are other ways to join the mining network. All you have to do is pay the registration fee and then you can work with other members. But the only downside is splitting the rewards with them.

The best cryptocurrencies you can mine right now are:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

3- Obtaining cryptocurrencies through the annual participation system.

A betting system can look like a lottery. The more coins you have and store, the higher your chances of making a profit.

You need to have a large number of cryptocurrencies, so this method only works very well if you want to increase your cryptocurrency.

4- Earn digital currencies with the decentralized financing system Defi.

Decentralized financial projects, known as "liquidity loans," resemble a reward system similar to that of the bond market.

More specifically, it is the process of lending your cryptocurrency to obtain Yield Farming. As you lend your money and provide liquidity to one of Defi's decentralized funding tokens, you will receive rewards and benefits. And there are projects, you can get additional coins in addition to the return.

Among the most prominent Defi Coins you can mine right now are:

  • Composite (COMP)
  • Kyber Network (KNC)
  • 0x (ZRX)

5-Join several free Airdrops to win free cryptocurrencies.

Joining free Airdrops is a great way to take advantage of startups early on.

Most companies use free distribution campaigns to reach an initial level of popularity. and create a community around your project. This is an excellent tactic, as it helps crypto enthusiasts learn about upcoming projects. At the same time, it provides them with something of value: the new digital currencies.

In exchange for performing a specific set of tasks, users receive certain project currency.

Once the project is on the market, these coins can be exchanged for other digital currencies or sold for cash. Some of the more common tasks include:

  • Monitoring of the project's social media channels.
  • Share project posts.
  • Register on your platform.
  • Download your application.

6- Assist in the promotion of projects through small tasks.

Reward people by giving them digital currencies in exchange for doing a few small tasks. It is the easiest way to earn digital currency.

Many startups and cryptocurrency companies offer rewards for performing various tasks. However, compared to free Airdrops, these exact tasks are a bit more difficult.

In total, these tasks are primarily promotional and can take the form of:

  • Create video
  • write a certificate
  • Write a press release.
  • Distribute a promotional video.

There are many websites that list free distributions and bonuses, so if you are looking to rack up some emerging cryptocurrencies, this is where you should start:

  • CrytoNFTReward
  • 99 drops of water
  • Airdrop alert
  • Rewards Alert

7- Start working as a freelancer and earn money in digital currencies.

Work for a salary in cryptocurrencies. You can apply to do small businesses and choose to get paid in bitcoin or any other digital currency in exchange for work.

Countless platforms facilitate autonomous work through blockchain technology. Most of them are free, so employees get exactly what the employer pays for.

Freelancing is a great way to start your career. And while it may be a bit risky to accept your bitcoin salary due to its extreme volatility, you can always go for a more stable cryptocurrency.

If you're looking to get into the freelance field, here are a few places to start:

8- Accept encrypted payments.

Accept encrypted payments on your site.

Do you have an e-commerce site? Time to shine.

Platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce allow cryptocurrencies to be accepted as payment methods through their website.

And not just bitcoin. WooCommerce has allowed its users to accept around 50 types of cryptocurrencies, while Shopify accepts more than 300 currencies. The method is not complicated.

For Shopify, all you have to do is enable an alternative payment method from your Shopify account.

And for WooCommerce, you will have to install a plugin (or more), like BitPay or CoinGate. Once installed, all you have to do is activate and configure it.

9- Join an ad network.

Have a website, but it's not made for e-commerce? 

You can still earn some cryptocurrency.

Since Google has banned or imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency-related companies on advertising on its network, those companies have had to adapt and seek other advertising means.

Create a space that allows advertisers to place their banners. A publisher is paid in exchange for displaying ads on their site.

Most networks pay in currencies (such as euros or US dollars), there are many of them that pay in digital currencies.

10- Use cryptocurrency payment platforms.

Get a Crypto Cash Back 

How Do You Manage Your Payments?

Digital banking services are advancing and meeting more and more the needs of cryptocurrency users. 

So payment systems and cryptocurrencies like now offer financial management apps that can help you earn more crypto with the money you already have.

In addition to earning cryptocurrencies by depositing and charging interest, you can benefit from cash-back jobs.

We all have daily, weekly or monthly expenses. So if you still have to pay for everything, use a fintech card to get some of your money back.

In the case of, you can recoup up to 5% of all expenses with a Visa card for cryptocurrencies.

11- Earn Bitcoin from the cryptocurrency taps.

Earning digital currencies through is one of the ways to earn cryptocurrencies. It may take some time and determination, but in the long run, it will generate decent returns.

How do I earn with digital currencies?

There are many cryptocurrency keys that you can join, and most of them are paid for in Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Those who pay for Bitcoin will reward their users with Satoshis for all the small tasks, and those who pay for Ethereum will be rewarded.

The faucet system is easy to understand. You must see ads, complete surveys, and play games to be rewarded for a fraction of the cryptocurrency. Then you can withdraw the cryptocurrency once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

Although it may seem relatively slow, a crypto faucet can earn you your first bitcoins if you have the time and determination.

The field of cryptocurrencies is huge. Through this post, we try to answer the question: How do I earn with digital currencies? And we cover some of the safest ways to make money. Before you start, remember that you need a cryptocurrency wallet.

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