Security Audit Firm Raises $5.3M From Funds Investing in Polkadot, Cardano Blockchains. Runtime verification checks smart contracts for errors, perhaps most famously with Uniswap. 


Blockchain security auditor Runtime Verification has raised $ 5.3 million from a handful of prominent backers.

Led by IOSG Ventures, the funding round included investments from Hypersphere Ventures focused on Polkadot, Cardano's cFund, the Tezos Foundation, Elrond Research, and Algorand's Borderless Capital accelerator.

"The fact that five blockchains joined our investment round through their funds, based on the research of their development teams who witnessed our technology, is a testament to the universality and strength of our technology." founder Grigore Rosu said in a statement.

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Runtime Verification, founded in 2010, performs security audits on virtual machines and smart contracts using mathematical verification.

The startup has worked with various companies on blockchain and beyond and earned multiple mentions in founder Hayden Adams's 2019 "Uniswap Story" post.

The Illinois-based firm said it recently created a new business entity in Singapore.

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