If you are looking for the most reliable sources that can help you create, analyze, and optimize your blog content according to search engine algorithms then this is the right place. 

There are many tools available online that can simplify and improve the way we create content for blogs. Anyhow, it can be difficult to choose the right ones. Therefore, we have found the top 5 tools that SEO tools that you can leverage boost your blog rankings

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SEO Tools For Blog Content

Google Keyword Planner - the most popular SEO tools

There’s no doubt that keyword research plays a crucial role in blogging. You must know that it is not an easy task to find ideal keywords for your content


It requires a lot of research and strategic planning to find keywords with relevant intent, high search volume, and lower competition

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find thousands of potential keywords for your target niche and audience. It works for free to track new keywords, suggest LSI keywords, and highlight bid estimates, making it easier to optimize your blog for a higher ranking.  

Most importantly, this keyword research tool enables you to perform a comprehensive competitive analysis. You can gain insights into any website’s keywords with just one click. 

For sure, you can never rank your blog without the use of the right keywords. So, you must use this effective tool to know what keywords to target and boost your blog rankings sooner than expected. 

PrepostSEO - Optimize the blog to rank higher. 

Prepostseo is a digital platform that offers multiple SEO tools that every blogger can leverage to optimize their blog to rank higher on search engine result pages. 


There’s a wide range of highly-functional SEO tools that you can use to audit your competitors and detect any issues that hinder your blog's rankings. 

Moreover, you can use its effective content tools to generate, analyze, or optimize your blog content according to search engine guidelines.

For instance, you can use its efficient plagiarism checker to detect duplicate content, and then you can use its paraphrasing tool to rewrite your content to make it 100% unique and clearer. 

What else you can do with Prepostseo tools? The possibilities are endless! 

The best thing about Prepostseo is that it features both freemium and premium tools. Bloggers from all around the world can use any of its tools to streamline their content creation, optimization, and marketing efforts - without any hassle. 

Grammarly - Autocorrect, unique, and well-written, detect plagiarized lines in your content

Grammarly is a well-known AI tool that checks your blog content to ensure that it is grammatically correct, unique, and well-written.


For instance, it can detect grammar mistakes and gives suggestions to fix them, making your content more readable and clearer. Moreover, it can assist you in choosing the right set of vocabulary according to the required style and tone. Indeed, it is a must-have tool for all bloggers.

It takes only a second to automatically highlight spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes in your content. All it requires you to do is click on the highlights so that your content can be free from all potential writing errors. 

The plus point of this tool is that it also detects plagiarized lines in your content. It further identifies the source from which the content has been copied.

Grammarly can be used for free, but if you switch to its premium version then it will unlock a wide range of useful features. Undoubtedly, every blogger must use this powerful AI tool to write more effectively. 

Yoast SEO - a real-time content analysis tool 

Yoast SEO offers a real-time content analysis tool that enables webmasters to analyze and optimize content with ease. 


It is an effective tool that anyone can use to ensure content quality with respect to the webmaster guidelines. It works just like the classic editor: you can write, edit, analyze, and optimize your content. 

You can easily specify your target keyword to gain valuable insights into your keyword placement and density. This efficient tool makes it easier for you to know how many times you need to add your keyword and where. 

Moreover, it helps you to create and optimize your metadata as well. It displays a snippet preview of your content and lets you customize it as required. 

Most importantly, it assists you in enhancing the readability score of your blog content. Yes, it guides you on how to structure your content so that it can be easy to read for the target audience. 

Wordtune - a famous AI-powered tool 

Wordtune is a famous AI-powered tool that understands what you are trying to express and makes it more clear. 


The primary function of Wordtune is to give you a wide range of reliable and authentic writing suggestions without changing the intent of your content. Using this effective tool, you can effortlessly write plagiarism-free content with improved clarity. 

Wordtune is basically for writers who do not know how to express the information they have in their minds. 

For instance, it will format your sentence in any way you required such as formal, casual, short, or expanded. Your writing style, tone, and wording will definitely be improved if you follow its suggestions. 

Its most favorable feature is that it is available as an extension which means that you can easily use it across multiple platforms. Its free version provides you with 20 pertinent writing suggestions a day, but its premium version offers unlimited rewrites. 

Wordtune premium unlocks many useful and remarkable features that can help you improve your blog’s content quality. So, stop wondering and level up your writing style to rank your blog higher. 

Bottom Line - Best SEO tools to boost your blog's results.

The best SEO tools for blog content include “Keyword Planner, Prepostseo, Grammarly, Yoast Readability Checker, and Wordtune. You must leverage these effective AI tools to improve your content quality and rank your blog higher in real-time. 

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