What is Web Hosting? Domains & Hosting Easily Explained

Nowadays, it is the time of the internet, so the website is very useful for you, whether you want to share knowledge, name fame and make money, or to bring your business to the whole world through the website you have to require Domain Name & Hosting.

Before knowing what web hosting is, you should also have a little knowledge of the Internet so that you can understand that the Internet is also a world. Where millions of people visit daily and who have their own website, then you understand that that website is their home on the Internet.
Like I am a person who keeps coming on the internet and my website name is 
Simplitechinformer.com, so in a way, this website is my home. I can do anything here and you have come here to read this information, so understand that you are my guest.

So in this way, you must have understood that the internet is also a kind of world where you can meet millions of people on Facebook, you can also get information, watch videos, listen to songs, etc. etc. You can read this post to read more about

So now let's talk about web hosting, web hosting is made up of two things.

What is a domain name?

I gave you an example of the shop so that you can understand it easily here, as when opening the shop, we think of the good name of our shop.

Which we also write in your shop and also on visiting cards so that people can easily reach us. So in the same way, the domain name is the web address of our website, so that any person can access our website.

Just like my website's domain name is Simplitechinformer, now if you remember it, you will come to my website anytime. And you can also send your friends to Simplitechinformer.

So whatever this domain name you want to keep off your website, but you have to take this domain name under a Top-level domain, now I will also tell you what a first-level domain is or Top-level domain.

What-is-Web-Hosting-Domains-&-Hosting-Easily-ExplainedActually, there are three types of Domain levels in any domain. Just like you will be seeing in my website whose web address is Simplitechinformer.com, which is a .com from behind it is called Top-level domain.

You will also see www (World Wide Web) in a website, it is called third-level domain. Here you can find the Third Level Domain (TLD) www. You can apply as per your wish and you can remove it if you want. And the second-level domain (SLD) is the name of your website and then the top-level domain (TLD) is .com, .org, .net, .edu. Some other TLDs will also be found. You will be able to understand better from the image given below.

So these three consist of URL (Uniform Resource Locator), which we also call the web address of our website.

Now let's talk about webspace, so let's now know about web space.

What is web space?

Suppose if we want to open a shop. So we can open a shop only when we have no place and if there is no place, then we have to hire, and if we want to open a shop, then definitely there will be a need for a place.

Where we will keep the goods and sell, if there is no place then we will keep the goods. So the same thing applies to the internet too. If we have to build our website and make it live on the internet, then for that we will need space, which we call Webspace.

In the webspace, you keep your files, videos, images, audio etc. all these things in the web space itself and from this the information reaches all the visitors.

How web hosting works?

We create a website so that our information can reach the whole world, for that, first of all, we have to upload that information on our website.

So as soon as you get that information, article, a photo, a video, or any when you upload something, it is saved on the server.

And forever it becomes available to the internet users of the whole world, which any internet user can see.

Now as soon as an internet user writes his address or URL in his browser to access your website, the nearest server of the user accepts his request (where your data is already saved) and then the server accesses a copy of your website files to that user's computer. You can understand better from the 
The image is given below.

There are mainly three types of web hosting.

1- Shared web hosting-

You must have known by the name of Shared web hosting that web hosting is shared in it, thousands of website files are stored and kept on a single server.

 And all the people sharing it gets the CPU RAM of the same system. Yes, it messes up when there is a lot of traffic on a website that is famous, and pages are not able to load the website quickly. And their speed becomes slow but people use it because it is a sharing, so it gets cheaper.

 Like if we live alone in a rented room, then we have to pay more money. But if you live by sharing, you have to compromise a little but you have to pay less. In the same way, it is also, and its good thing is that if the traffic of your website becomes more, then you can change the hosting of your website and buy VPS hosting.

2- VPS (Virtual Private Server) 

It happens in VPS hosting that you have the right over everything here. Just as if you were living by compromising for less money by sharing a room, then here will be your entire room.

Where everything system RAM speed CPU will remain yours and your website will not have any effect on your website, it will be yours only.

 3- Dedicated hosting 

In dedicated hosting, the entire server is dedicated to a single website. Where no other website is given space.

For example, you can understand that as far as you were sharing the room, then if traffic was more then you bought the room, then if you needed more than the room, then you will move forward, and you will have to take the whole house where all rooms will be yours.

 So in the same way here too, if the shared hosting was less then you bought VPS, and if VPS was less, then you have to buy dedicated hosting.

But they are very expensive, they need a website with very high traffic, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Flip Kart, snap deal etc.

Now it comes to buy web hosting.

Where to Buy Web Hosting
By the way, there are many companies that provide you hosting facilities, but those who provide the best web hosting service I will list their names below.

You should purchase hosting from the web hosting company of the country you want to receive targeted traffic from because the closer the server will be, the less time it will take to access the website.

Things you should take care of before purchasing web hosting
Whenever we buy something, we find something special in it. If we like it then buy it, then here also you have to keep in mind some features of web hosting, only then you will be able to buy your hosting from a best web hosting company, then you have to keep the following topics in mind.

Storage -

Always check storage before buying web hosting as there is disc space in your computer and mobile. In the same way, web hosting also has storage for how many GB you can upload the file.

Here you will also find many plans in which you get unlimited storage. So if a lot of videos, images have to be uploaded on your website, then you can take the plan with unlimited and if less content is to be uploaded then you can choose the plan according to your need.

Bandwidth -

Bandwidth means how many people can access your website in a second. If your website bandwidth is low and traffic is high then your website will be down.

 So if you want to build a website with high traffic, then select a plan with more bandwidth or select a plan with unlimited bandwidth.

Uptime -

As such, those who are good companies, they guarantee to keep your website up during their time.

But still, you should see which company is giving you this facility because there are many reasons that our website is down and if traffic is down again and again how traffic will come.
Therefore you must also want that your website is more time up (active).


When you buy hosting from the best web hosting company, you will see the customer care number on the first web page.

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