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A common question to a new blogger how to edit photos for use photos on our blog website

First of all, 

what is the need to edit photos? or why use Photoscape| Photscape online?

Friends, if you add a photo to your blog then friends. 

The impression is very different and editing your photo makes it very easy for the user to understand your tutorials. 

Friends, this is a software in which you can do anything. 

Friends, the name of this software is PhotoScope friends also use the same software. 

And friends, the best thing about it is that the size of the image becomes very small is.

so, Click here to use Photscape online | Best free photo editor online

Photoscape online | Best free photo editor online

PhotoScape software, I have used this software ever since I started blogging and one of the best software for creating and editing friends' photos are PhotoScape

And friends I am sure that if you know about this software then you too Will start using this.

PhotoScape Free Download Latest version

Why I like Photoscope and why I am telling you about it:

Friends Photoscape is my favorite software.  All the features are available in it and let me tell you all the features one by one.
  1. Friends, a great feature of the PhotoScape software is that the image is very small in it, which makes the loading of the image fast.
  2. Friends, another good thing about this software is that it is available in all colors and it is also available that you can apply the color you want to enroll. Friends, the arrow here means that we use something to focus on.
  3. Friends, another feature of this software is that you can take screenshots in it. Friends, you can capture windows, capture fullscreen . Type screenshots can be taken.
  4. Friends, in this software, along with editing the photo, you can also work as a file converter.
  5. Friends, in this you can customize and edit the image according to yourself. 
Friends here, I will tell you only about the important point because if I tell all the points in detail, then the post will be long and I do not want you to be bored with my post.

 Photoscape online | Best free photo editor online  

Friends, you are going to benefit a lot from this  Photoscape software because you can easily do all the work in one software.  I have done that a lot and it has 12 to 13 different options. With which you can do different work.
  • Editor: You can edit the photo in the Friends Editor option. And friends, if you have come to do this option once, then you can edit a lot of photos in it.
  • Batch Editor: Friends, this is also a great option to edit photos, and in this also you can edit photos in different styles. And friends, you can design photos in a better way. Friends, all these options are available in this short and I have not given them all the options.
  • Pages: Friends, in this option you can create a page by adding different images, I mean to say that you can create a page like PDF file in it.
  • Combine: Friends, with the help of this option you can design the background and round of the photo. In this, you will get many options to make photo rounds in different styles.
  • Animated Gif: Friends, if you want to create a gif animation image, you do not need to go to any online site. You can also create gif animation in the PhotoScope software. Friends, you can easily make jiff animation with this software.
  • Print: Friends, if you want to print the image that you have created, then you can easily copy many images at once with the help of the PhotoScape software. And friends I think this is the best feature.
  • Splitter: Friends, if you have many parts of an image, then you can do many parts of an image with the help of the splitter feature. Friends, this feature is very useful in making the listing image.
  • Screen Capture: Friends, with the help of this feature, you can easily take a screenshot of your computer screen. In this, you can also make a custom size image. And friends, this is another great feature of the PhotoScape software.
  • Color Picker: Friends, if you want to know the code of any color, then you can easily find out with the help of this feature. This feature can be quite useful for both website designers and template designers. In this, you get the HTML code of any color.
  • Raw Converter: Friends, in this feature you can convert files. Friends, this feature is quite useful for those who use the Blogger platform.
  • Rename: Friends, in this feature you can change the date and name of the file. Meaning that you can edit the information of the image.
  • Paper print: Friends, if you have to write something on copy paper or make paper print then you can use this feature. Friends, you can make a copy with the help of this feature.
  • Viewer: Friends, you must have known about it. To view the image slider on your computer, you can use Photoscape as a photo viewer.

Photoscape online | Best free photo editor online

Photoscape free download[click here to download]

Photoscape x pro [click here to download]


Here I reviewed the Photoscape online | Best free photo editor online.
Friends, apart from this, all the features in Photoscape software are available. But friends, for that you will have to do another version of Photoscape. 

Friends, I like this software because it has a very small image size. Friends, if you also Once you use it, then you will start using this software.

You may have liked this photo editors' software  I hope you will download it and also liked our blog PHOTOSCOPE Free Download for Blogger.

Friends, if you have also liked this software, then please tell in the comment box below and share it with your friends and social media.
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