Today we are going to tell you about what Is Guest Posting in SEO? i.e. how to do a guest postwhat is the benefit of the guest post,  we will give you complete information about guest posting in this post.

We are going to tell you how to do a guest post on Guest Post Submission Sites, but if you do not yet know what the guest post is, then we will now give you what is guest posting.

The competition in the field of Blogging has increased to a great extent if you are a new blogger, in such a situation, you have to post a guest to make your blog top-ranked in Google and to bring organic traffic to your blog.

It becomes necessary, so we are going to tell you the way of guest posting, with the help of which you can easily rank your blog on the first page of google.

What is a Guest Posting?

If you write a post on another blog that you do not own, it is called a guest posting, when you write a post for another blog, and the administrator of that blog approves it, then your post is called a guest post or guest posting.

What is Guest Blogging?

The simple answer to guest blogging is guest posting.
In other words, it is the practice of writing a post to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. Guest posting is also known as Guest Blogging.

Is Guest Blogging Good for Bloggers?

Suppose you have a blog and you are trying to increase traffic on your blog, but because you have a new blog, no traffic is coming and you are not very popular yet, then you can be quite popular by submitting a guest post.
In this article, I will share with you valuable information on how to guest blog the right way and minimize risks.
Let's know how.

Why do Guest posting or Guest Blogging?

If you want to increase traffic on your new blog, then you should do guest posting, no matter how good a post you write, unless there is organic traffic on it, nothing can happen to your blog.

And if your a blog is new then the problems increase more, but if you write your post on a popular blog, then you get a good traffic from there, and your google ranking also increases. For the complete information of how this happens now, definitely read this post till the last

Guest Post How to Make You Popular?

The concept is simple: suppose you have a new blog and there is another blog on the same niche that is more popular to you, then you will take permission from the admin of that blog and submit your article on the blog, which will increase the traffic on your blog because that guest In the post, you will also add a link to your blog so that people can access your blog a lot and can easily read the articles on your blog and also increase the traffic of your blog.

The guest post must have the same understanding about some other advantages to let Guest post even tell you.

Benefits of Guest posting

If you talk about the benefits of guest posting, then it is beneficial in every way if you make a guest posting on a blog related to the right website and a blog related to your blog, then you will not have any loss except for the benefit.

Is Guest Blogging Good for SEO and Link Building?

Guest blogging can be important content for a blogger's audience, as long as the blogger is savvy and ready to post - sort and edit - posts from outside sources.

Let us tell you some advantages of Guest Posting.

1. Do Follow Backlink

when you comment on a blog, from there you get No Follow Backlink, which is not considered to be anything special by Google, but if you write a guest post on a blog and give your URL there, then that way Is counted as high quality backlinks, and has a different value and from that you get Do Follow Backlink.
If you post a guest, you can easily create a Do follow backlink.

2. Traffic

If you make a guest posting on a blog whose daily visitors are millions, then you will easily get millions of visitors in a day, which will also increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent and only one guest post can make you a popular blogger. Are and can also increase the traffic of your blog.

3. Increase Blog's Popularity

If you submit your guest post on a very good blog, then you will become popular in a very short time and your blog traffic will also increase significantly as well as you will become a successful blogger in a very short time.

4. Alexa Rank

By writing guest posts, when visitors start coming to your blog, then your Alexa traffic ranking will also improve.

How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Posts and Outside Contributors

There are some very good ways to find a blog for guest blogging through these methods - prioritizing the web - which I'll cover below.

1. Search for Lists of Top Blogs

The first step in prospecting is fairly straightforward: type a phrase like "top [specific industry] blogs list" into Google, meaning "top personal savings blog list" and review the results.

Go to all the blogs listed one by one on every page in the search results.
Most likely you will find really great blogs this way, but only a few of them can accept guest articles from contributors.

2. Advanced Search with Search Strings

Google has several search strings to help you find specific content on the web, which you can combine into search strings.
If you are new to this, you can follow the steps. If you search ["keyword" and "write for us"], your results will look like the image below:

This search command will show you pages that contain exact phrases, in which case both "blogging" and "write for us" pages have been used.

This process is both simple and complex; There are only a few modifiers, but they can be combined in many different ways. The only limit is your creativity.

There is an almost endless amount of combinations that will help you find blogs that are interested in accepting guest posts.

Some example search strings:

"guest author" "keyword"
"guest post" "keyword"
"keyword" in URL: contributors
"keyword" in URL: authors
in title:"guest post" "keyword"
in URL:"keyword" "contributor"

Some important things before writing a guest post

Related blog :

Whenever you go to write a guest post, first choose a blog related to your topic, if you give information related to technology on your blog, then you choose a blog with technology for guest posting so that you can get targeted traffic.

What I mean to say is that if you give information about the technology on a Food Recipe Blog, then very few people will want to read it and would like to visit your blog, but if you give information on the same topic, then you can easily get it for your blog. It can target people.

Check DA & PA :

Whenever you are going to do guest blogging on a blog, before choosing that blog, you must know what your DA i.e. Domain Authority and PA ie Page Authority is.

Whenever you post a guest, do it on a blog with more DA and PA than you. So that you can get maximum benefit if you want to check DA and PA of any blog, then you can check DA and PA by doing any blog using any free tool.

High Quality Content :

When you write a post, it should be absolutely high quality i.e. fully compliant and the more you can explain to people by writing words, the better it is that you have to write a detailed article on any topic and that article Must be original and real.

Non Copyright :

Whenever you write a guest post, keep in mind that the post should be a post that is not copied from anywhere, that is, there is no copyrighted content, even if you want to add a photo or video, then that too is copyrighted. There should be no video or image and it is better that you write guest posts following the rules and regulations of AdSense so that any blogger can easily post your guest post on your blog. Agreed to publish.

The Inconvenient Truth: Some Bloggers HATE Being Asked About Guest Blogging

Sites that do not make guest posts may not be open to outside contributions.

It depends on the industry, but you should be prepared for a low reply rate. In good blogs, there are frequent guest posting emails, so they might not even reply. This is especially true if you email a blogger who does not accept guest posts.

Why do some blogs not accept external content? The answer is simple - the strategy has been spammed in the past by SEOs who are not interested in readers. They send cheap and poorly written articles, only care about links.

All good blogs have real readers and care deeply about the content they publish, so they review every copy sent to them, which is very time-consuming. After so much spam, they have given up and do not want to accept guest articles.

Equipped with the knowledge that bloggers are really busy people, they do not expect them to do extra work - read long emails. Make sure your email is as short and concise as possible while providing personal value and clear value to the person you email.

Here you can see the pitch I sent to secure the guest post you are just reading, which you can also follow and send your guest post:

Hello abc,

My name is xyz, I am founder of xxxxx company.

I have written a 1500 word post on Guest blogging for SEO and 

I Would like to know if you can publish it on your blog.

I covered the following:

1 What is a Guest Posting?

2 Why do Guest posting or Guest Blogging?

3 Benefits of Guest posting.
    a Do Follow Backlink
    b Traffic
    c Increase Blog's Popularity
   d Alexa Rank

4 Some important things before writing a guest posting.

I have created all the image by myself.

If you are interested in the topic, i will send you the text.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Xyz [full name]
Email: xxxxx
Social id:xxxxx
Website: xxxxxx

As you can see I am discussing a topic that I knew the editor would care about Corey. I also explained why it is valuable - length, subject, information covered, a short summary of unique assets.

Most bloggers are sick and tired of generic topics that are included on every website and find something unique and interesting.
So if you are going to pitch a guest post, make sure it is worth their time.

Best blogs List for accepting guest posts.

Friends, I do not accept guest posts on your blog, but if you want to write a guest post and your blog, then you can make a guest post by visiting the blog below.

Top Blogging & Technology Guest Blogging accepting Site

Technology blog




Marketing Profs

Moz Blog

List of Guest Posting Websites for 2020

Quality articles will surely get instant approval on any high-quality PA and DA websites.

Niche: Business

  • Forbes 
  • The Guardian
  • Mashable
  • Business Insider
  • Fast Company 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Small Business Trends

Niche: Blogging

  • Copyblogger 
  • Creative Bloq 
  • OutBrain 
  • Digital Inspiration
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • The Blog Herald 
  • Thesitegirls 
  • Inc 42 
  • Basic Blog Tips 
  • Famous Bloggers 
  • Blog Engage 
  • The Work at Home Woman 
  • Birds on the Blog 
  • iBlogzone
  • Making Different 
  • Hellbound Bloggers 
  • Be a Better Blogger 
  • iTech Code 

Niche: Education

  • Edutopia
  • AppendTo 

Niche: Fitness and Health

  • Health Line 
  • Greatist 
  • Brain Blog 
  • CareKees 
  • One Fitness

Niche: Marketing and SEO

  • Search Engine Land 
  • Hubspot
  • Content Marketing Institute 
  • GetResponse 
  • Marketing Land 
  • CoSchedule 
  • Benchmark 
  • MarketingProfs 
  • OutBrain 
  • Pole Position Marketing 
  • Convince & Convert 
  • Daily Blog Tips 
  • B2Bmarketing 
  • Search Engine People 
  • TechWyse 
  • Shout Me Loud 
  • Inspiration Feed 
  • Marketing Tech New
  • Sociable Blog 
  • Hinge Marketing 
  • Growmap 
  • TechJeny 
  • SEO Hacker 
  • iBlogzone
  • iTech Code 

Niche: Social Media

  • Socialnomics 
  • Social Media Today 
  • Post planner
  • Viral Blog 
  • TechJeny 
  • Brand Driven Digital 
  • Niche: Web Design
  • Smashing Magazine 
  • A-List Apart 
  • Site Point 
  • Web Designer Depot 
  • Hongkiat 
  • Design Shack 
  • Instant Shift
  • Crazy Leaf Design 
  • CollectiveRay 
  • Lake View Studios

Niche: Travel

  • Bodrum Travel Guide 
  • Anew Traveler 
  • Global Grasshopper 
  • Jetting Around 
So, friends, I hope you liked this information of our post today, what is guest posting in SEO?

If you want to do a guest posting on my site, then definitely read the guidelines of Simplechinformer.

Yes, I know you have a lot to learn from this. If you liked this post of ours, then share it with your fellow bloggers too.

Yes friend, if you have posted a guest on my site, you will share your experiences so that my new users can be confident to work with me.

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