Bitcoin Mining expects to deliver two more batches of machines by the beginning of July.

BIT Mining Firms.

Chinese Bitcoin miner company  BIT Mining has delivered its first batch of 320 machines to Kazakhstan after suspending operations in Sichuan.                          

The publicly trad company (NYSE: BTCM) expects to deliver another 2,600 bitcoin mining machines before the start of July, it said in an announcement Monday.

The company's remaining machines will also be shipped abroad.

The miners already shipped have a maximum theoretical hash rate of 18.2 PH/s.

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The move to Kazakhstan came after BIT Mining received notice on June 19 that power supplies to its Sichuan data center would be suspended by the state's energy regulator.

BIT mining data centers in Sichuan contributed about 3% of its total revenue in May.

With China's recent crackdown on the crypto mining industry, companies are looking to migrate elsewhere. Besides Kazakhstan, BIT Mining has also invested $25 million in a new facility in Texas.

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