Do you know what is the spam score on the website, what harm can we bloggers do?

This reduces the search ranking of the website and all the organic traffic that comes to our website is also suddenly reduced?

Today I am going to tell you how you can check the spam score of your blog? And also I am going to tell you how you can reduce the spam score of your blog? or

How To Reduce The Spam Score Of The Website.

So let's know first: what is Spam Score of blog Website?

What is the website's spam score?

A spam score is a potential rating system that was created by MOZ, an excellent website. These websites predict the chances of any website being spamming.

The higher the spam score of any website, the higher the probability of spamming that website. A website's spam score is based on the content posts and backlinks within it?

So even if you accidentally create backlinks on your website, your blog rankings may be reduced?

Some new bloggers accidentally do copy paste work on their blog or some people create negative backlinks on their blog after which Google down the ranking of that website and the traffic of the blog goes down?

If the spam score on your blog is high, then Google does not like that page, at all and downs it's ranking and Google can penalize your blog if there is more spam score?


Why does the spam score of our websites increase?

whenever we try to know why the Spam Score of our website increases? So everyone has the same opinion that your websites have got a backlink from such a website, whose Spam Score is more or which has been penalized by Google.

Then I took some time to do research, because a company called Moz, who invented Spam Score, did it. So when I started reading his articles, I came to know that there are many reasons that can increase the spam score of our website, without taking backlink from any spammed website.

What causes Spam Score?

So let's know some reasons that can increase your website's spam score:

1. A low number of pages found:

According to Moz's Machine Learning Algorithm, websites that have a few pages. Those websites are considered by Google Spam Website.
It is not necessary that if your website is of a single page, then your website should be declared as Spam Website. But most of the websites whose spam score is high remains the single page.

2. TLD correlated with spam domains:

A domain whose TLD (Top-Level-Domain) is of this type, viz. (.nf, .cc, .pl, etc.). All those websites have a high spam score.

3. Not having Google Tag Manager

4. No-Follow  Do-Follow Backlink  Ratio

5. Very few websites are connected to LinkedIn.

6. No Business Email Address.

7. No HTTPS websites.

8. Length of title to be longer.

9. URL not being SEO friendly.

10. Meta Keywords being too large.

11. No Favicon in Websites.

Note: So, I hope that you have known that for which reasons the spam score of your websites can increase. You should also audit your website and implement the necessary actions on your website.

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How to check your website's spam score?

Now after knowing these things, you will be thinking that how can you check the spam score of your blog? 

So let's know how to show our website Spam Score?

Reduce The Spam Score Of The Website
Moz Spam Score Percentage

After visiting this website, you have to paste the URL link of your blog in the search box, then click on the search icon. After which you will see the Advanced SEO of your blog where you will also see the spam score of your blog. This way you can check your blog's spam score?

Well you will also find many such tools on Google, so that you can check your blog's spam score, just you have to search on Google "Spam Score Checker Tool" After that you will get many tools that will help you to spam your blog Can you check the score?

What should be the spam score?

Now let's also know
How much spam score should be therefor any blog? 


How Does Spam Score Work?

For each spam flag it detects, a number is added to the subdomain's spam score.
The final spam score is compiled by tying together the individual spam flags of a given subdomain for a total of 0–17.
The higher this score, the higher the likelihood of spam.

But not always.

Spam scores are divided into three parts in total:
0-4 Flag = 0.5% - 7.5% Spam,
5-7 Flags = 11.4% - 30.6% Spam, 
8-17 Flags = 56.8% - 100% Spam,

If your blog is between 0-4 then your blog is in a good position. But if your blog is between 5-7 then you can Google down the ranking of the blog and if your blog is between 8-17, and Google can Penalize your blog anytime.

So if your blog is high in spamming score then you should reduce its spam score to protect it.

Top Sites Spam Score Online Checker Tool

  • MOZ
  • Websiteseochecker
  • spamcheck.postmarkapp
  • knowledgebase.constantcontact

How to reduce spam score from your blog?

If you want to fix your blog's spam score, first of all, you have to remove the broken link, a negative backlink from your blog, for that you will get a lot of tools.

After that you will have to Disavow the Bad Backlink from your blog in Google Webmaster, for this you will have to go to Google search console and download the backlink file of your blog. After downloading, you have to open a Google Disavow tool and upload these files in it.

When you upload your bad backlink file in it, after that you have to click on submit after which the spam score of your blog will start decreasing. After that, your blog can be ranked highly on Google. 

How did you like our article How to Reduce the spam score of the website and if you have any suggestions or questions, then you must tell us by commenting below.

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